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overnight diver package 

PHP 5,000 per night, per diver. Inclusive of 4 meals, snacks, and some complimentary drinks, as well as unlimited air refills and tank use. Equipment rental is not included; see below for additional fees.

overnight non-diver package

PHP 4,000 per night, per person. Inclusive of 4 meals snacks and some complimentary drinks.


Non-divers pay PHP 1,550 per day. Divers pay PHP 1,950 per day. Inclusive of welcome drinks, lunch, and a snack. No room included.

boat transfers (PIER)

Regular scheduled boat transfers are included for both overnight and day-trip guests. However, if special pick-up is required, we charge PHP 700 per person from San Luis pier or PHP 800 per person from Anilao pier.

island hopping tour

PHP 1,000 per person.

gear rental

Scuba diving gear: PHP 1,000 per day for complete set (mask, fins, BCD, wet suit and weights). 

Snorkeling gear: PHP 325 per day for complete set (mask, snorkel and fins).

dive master fee

PHP 600 per dive for each accompanying dive master.